CW Cherry – A procedural material tree for Blender

This demo scene is completely included in the material file too.

The settings

Detailed view. No textures used, the cherry stem is procedural too

Hello friends.

I’ve published a new shader tree for Blender called CW Cherry.
Above you see an example for the cherry material quality. I hope you like it. No bitmaps were used for the complete cherries. All procedural. Only the leafs has a bitmap texture. Before you ask: The branch is sculpted and has a procedural shader too. I like to do things mathematical and flexible where I can.

Some words about my cherry material:
CW Cherry is a procedural material shader tree for Blender.

You can create cherry variations just by changing some values in the shader.

The cherry material is dynamic. As soon as you duplicate your cherry model, the new cherry looks different. In this way all cherries look unique!

To get it follow my gumroad shop link please:

Or visit the Blendermarket: Cherry on Blendermarket - 7,- $US

Here is a detailed description video on my YouTube channel :


  • No UV information needed to create cherries
  • Set cherry and stem colors
  • Experiment with pattern variations
  • Set options like reflection or subsurface scattering

Package includes

  • Two cherries in a simple studio setting (Including the cherry material).
  • Demo Scene. Includes the branch material for free!
  • Two high resolution renderings of my demo scene you see in the shop header.

Please don’t sell or transfer this shader without my permission. You are allowed to use the cherry shader and the branch shader for your own projects, commercial and free.

By buying this product you support my work to create more cool stuff. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your support


Hi friends.

A short update about my CW Cherry material:
I decided to include the whole demo scene you see in the very first post into the download. As a bonus I’ve added my small branch shader for free too. The branch material is procedural too, by the way. All existing clients gets the update for free, as always. Have fun!

Prices and links to the shops above.



Here we are. My CW Cherry material is now on Blendermarket! Every purchase supports the Blender foundation, as all my products on Blendermarket.

Right in my asset bookmarks

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if you include the full frame with the cherry on the center in your first post you might end up in the top row.

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Done. I’m curious.
The “problem” of my image: it includes no cool vehicles, spaceships, monsters or attractive girls… :wink:


And no arch-viz. That’s precisely why I would like to see it on the top row. Well, that and the fact that I’m most interested in nature renders and assets that the artists share and make downloadable.

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You’re #featured, enjoy!


Thank you so much Bart! Very cool. I’m very happy to see one of my works the first time in the featured row. :star_struck:

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No, @Taros. The problem with this is not that it lacks a cool vehicle, spaceship, monster or attractive girl. It is that I can never again look at a cherry… without considering whether it was created in Blender.


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I’ve published a small update for my CW Cherry material. All clients get it for free, as always.
Here is the update description:

so sweet…:slight_smile:

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Such comments makes proud and motivate me to do more crazy stuff in Blender. :relaxed:
Thank you!

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