Cy-Culls: convenience utility addon to manage Cycles culling for all objects

A “put it all in one panel” kind of addon. It shows the relevant Cycles culling settings in the scene properties. Along with it, it shows a list of all viable objects and toggles to enable and disable each one for culling in one convenient list.

There’s operators to enable and disable all objects for a particular culling method so you don’t have to manually enable or disable each one. There’s also list filters for current visibility and selection.


A great exercise on UI Lists :slight_smile: contributions are welcome.

semagnum/cy-culls (


Cool add-on, I tried it and it works fine, but for some reason the “deselect all” buttons don’t seem to work, no matter how many times i click on them, the objects stay selected (click and drag on the list itself works on the other hand).

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You mean the “Enable all” and “Disable all” buttons? Those have nothing to do with selection - they only set the culling setting for all objects.

But I did notice the disable all operator wasn’t set correctly. Repo updated :slight_smile:

yes that one “disable all” (I forgot what it was called 5 min after using it…need to free some memory space…)

Humm…it’s still not working… both enable all and disable all do the same thing “enabling all” (I downloaded it again).

Did you unregister the previous version, close Blender, then open and register? I’ve been testing the disable buttons, they’re working on my end.

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now it works as intended, I unchecked and removed the previous version, then immediately installed the newer version, closing and reopening blender was the step I missed.

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Glad to hear it :slight_smile: it’s one of the annoying parts of addon development - there’s a code shorthand way of doing it, but otherwise any code changes to addons requires Blender to restart.