Cyan Sun - Animated Short

::From May 2003::

Finally, i fully rendered the last shot 4 MINUTES BEFORE MY DEADLINE of may 2nd ( in australia), I made it!

It has been a great personal challenge for me, to see what i could do with one month and one idea. from 1 week for concepting, 1 week for character modelling and the final week and a bit of shot production. I also have to thank the community for giving me the modivation to complete my first short ever, if it wasn’t for their great support s a community i don’t think i could have finished it. :Z

Phew, and after the last 35 hours blending stretch… (In animation section of Gallery) (direct link 13.5meg)

this is really not a big thing, more just a challenge to get my skills in production and portfolio up, and i was really up for a challenge =)

Also big thanks to ‘Unordered’ who made the theme song for Cyan Sun.

please give your thoughts, feedback etc.

Present Day 2006.

Hey there, I have finally have space now to put this film back up, a few people had been wondering where it was the past few years =P So I thought I would just note It’s back up.

Enjoy =)

wheee heeee first post…

downloading it now… can’t wait :smiley:

:o :o
Just watched it…
I am amazed, it rocks…

The modelling and animation is awesome, and the song is perfect for it.

Once again Awesome work!

:o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

…I…its… :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o


getting ready to download…this should be worth every byte!! :smiley:

Bastard!! Now I’m going to be going out of my frickin head for the rest of the day until I get home.

I can’t DL damn movies at work due to firewall issues on the server. :frowning:

I have got to see this!!



OK, I DL’ed it and all I can say is WOW!!! :o

Just fantastic! Great animation. The best Blender anim I have seen to date. No Question about it.

Now some minor crits:

  1. When he bends down, the deformation at the knee seems to be very wierd. It looks like his knee comes to a sharp point.
  2. His hands seem off model wise. But hey, I can’t model 'em, so who am I to complain.
  3. Some of the motion when he is running seems a little off too, but again, minor.

You should go and post this in the Finished Works section at CG Talk and see what people have to say. I think they will be very surprised to see such a great work come from Blender.


i… i cant… say anything… i’m petrified…
2 mins later:
… what… uh… no i cant speak…
4 mins later:
… that is… sooo… amazing…
honestly dude, that’s an awesome job you’ve done. you can be proud of yourself!!
this will change the blenderworld completely… a new idol! it’s so inspiring!!


Didnt make no sense but looked AWESOME!!!

Great modeling/animating/texturing work!

great job but I dont realy understand the story :-?

Logik_Guy :wink:

Well, it was not as speculative as the ending in Kubrics 2001, but awesome stuff nontheless. God, I hope that some day I might do something like this.

AWE: Music was great, tough I was not keen on the ending song. Anims, characters, texturing, you name it, nothing but praise from my part.

CRITS: As I said, the closing theme… But that is just me. I might get hang of it, if and when I watch this againa.

ENCORE!!! (or sumthing that sounds really praising) :smiley:

I waited this long for THIS?!??!

jk! downloading now…oh the anticipation…64kb/sec so slow!!!

…sweet!!! I have no clue what just happened but…sweet!
CG TALK! and Get me some wallpaper, Lee!


some minor crits though, the hand and facial motion appeared a bit stiff.


F#$K yeah, thats the shit, mate :o

That track/song at the end when he was running didnt really go with the whole package, but still, f#@kin awesome.

I feel intimidated…yet somewhat inspired…

very kewl,

the speed is right perfect, maybe a little bit faster, is it 100% blendet ?

cu keithian

IT’S HERE! Smerity runs around in circles crazily

Now only if I could download faster than 5.4 Kb\s! :wink:
And that’s with shutting EVERYTHING using the net off, apart from Mozilla :smiley:
T minus 36 minutes!

They really need an anticipation emoticon lol [!]

i have to say that the animation of the cloth and clock was brillient, very realistic!!!

but yeah as plot goes ummmmmmmm.

other than that the only crit i ahve is

  1. too good
  2. makes everyone else look bad
  3. raises the standards too much.

oh yeah and too much time spent on credits (like half the time was cedits LOL

but it was



wow, I will download that soon.


Now we know why the teaser was so short…

any longer and it would have contained the entire movie!!
Awesome work, we want more…
Great atmosphere, now all you need to do is a 1hr film based on that and you will live forever in the halls of Blender history…

finally woken up after so long being awake hahah reads replies while half asleep

Firtsly, thanks for the great comments you have given, the critique that has been given was very helpful and will be put into account in the future. Also, this was really for fun, a lot of things arn’t right, but the essence was really a month to work with to practice how i would work in a productive environment, as i’m atm aiming for a traineeship.=)

BgDM: 1) i must admit i’m not a great rigger, so for a comlete crouch it was very hard for him to bend right, but i think it needed that shot, even though not with so much quality to some other shots. 2) heheh, yes the hands were done a bit rushed, i was in my last few hours of the week that i wanted to get kryorn modelled by, and the hands were the last thing to do. 3) ah yeah, that would be my first run cycle made, my bad.

@ndy: blush

theeth: heheh, a lot of the shots were made even within 30 minutes before render, so some animation was rushed. this was kinda a practice run, now i hope i have sorted how to go abotu a short i can try for my next one and make it stable.

keithian: 110% =)

Alltaken: the credits took time due to the music, hopefully when i explain the story now people will see it al in a different way =)

As for many not understanding the story, this was certain, because you need the explaination to go with it, but i have left the ending to the decision of the viewer. i always liked movies that did this so i thought i’d try it in this… it has now been updated at the webpage link if you’d like to read it =)

you can get to it here…

how’d you made the credits with blender ?

i’v looked it twice and for improvement you could add some little stones to the ground and change the fontype of cs ? ( i shame myself for critism your animation :expressionless: )

cu keithian :smiley: