Cyber Batman

My new personal project. All sculpting with Dynotopo for now, started as a cube.

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Looks pretty nice so far! I really like the silhouette and the modern take on his design :slight_smile: Now to improve it I’d remove any extraneous panel lines. What I mean is the areas underneath the eyes and maybe some of the forehead. Right now they subtract from the compositional values you’ve already got. Make the details around the eyes themselves rather than under them. Try to add more depth between panels to vary up the silhouette even more (don’t just add a crease, mask off a bit and pull it up above the other panel then add the crease). Don’t be afraid to break the current silhouette and add even more visual interest to what’s there, but try to avoid too many creases right next to each other, unless it’s a vent or vertebral piece (like on the jawline and back). Also avoid panel intersections close to one another since it makes the eye uncomfortable like tangents in drawing. Anyway, I’ll try and keep up with this project, looks pretty cool!

Thanks for the excellent tips, I’ll try all of that. I’m not completely satisfied with the front portion of the mask also…

A small update…

Started over the chest…

just more render tests…

Hi Bruno,

I believe this artwork could inspire you on shading and detailing.
It’s very close to your concept currently and I think there are some cool features.

Yeah thanks, but this is already one of my references ;D

I’m still going to finish the sculpting, then retopology, then the shading.

good luck with topology.
any rigging project on this one?

Not for now. Depending on how it goes with the rest, maybe I’ll try to pose it.

Dude that backbone section is doooope. Keep it up! 5*

It’s been awhile, thankfully i’ve had several freelance work this month.

Well, starting out the retopo…