Cyber City

Hey Guys, Felt like making something Cyberpunk like.
I was looking though marketplaces for assets and came across this awesome kitbash set by Aleksandre Lortkipanidze (Links to Artstation), did some concept art for Love Death + Robots, which is one of my all time fav short films series ever, anyways I digress. Aleksandre has some awesome cyberpunk city assets that I used in here.
of course the sharp eyes out there will notice my theme of using Ian Huberts assets in here aswell, the monorail and so on (I feel like I could’ve done my own but got lazy :joy:)

anyways heres a behind the scene’s in Blender

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and yeah, thats about it. I hope you all have an awesome day/night


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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