Cyber City


i just played with some scripts, and this is the result. :smiley:

-Blender 2.37
-Internal Render
-DarkTree Shader
-Photoshop Elemenst 2.0

hope u enjoy it! :wink:

wfg 8)

Hmmm … its pretty good. Although probably not as good as your last (red/blue). A bit too dark and the colours are a bit off. That bright green is really out of place. Also brighten it up a bit more, add a few more lights.
Where is the l-system used?

Looks nice :slight_smile:

As for the l-system, I’m guessing it’s the purplish plant in the right inset.

I really like this one.

Great render and the lighting at the tree gives it a very good ambiance.


real nic but what is

thx @ all :smiley:


WFG 8)