Cyber Demon


(Grigoriy) #1

My version of Cyber demon for ArtWar2 challenge.
Sculpt, retopology, unwraping and render maked in Blender.
Render Cycles.


(BigBlend) #2

Wow. That’s great. I’m happy that you did it all in Blender. Most use Zbrush and it is nice to see a good looking game character made totally in Blender.

(ambi) #3

It’s all done in Blender? This is simply amazing.

(Grigoriy) #4

All works made in Blender except texture painting. It was made in Substance Painter.

(Christoph Werner) #5

Really nice! #thumbup

(CG-Predator) #6

Great work indeed. Well done

(FreeMind) #7

So… someone caught a Demon to fight on their side… It wasn’t enough that he was a demon, so they also made him a flying cyborg demon…

(dtrip) #8

Wtf am I doing with my life … :smiley:
When I look at it, it is hard to imagine how it could get better.

(Grigoriy) #9

Some pictures of the process:

(Grigoriy) #10

Some screenshotes:


Absolutely amazing work. Did you record footage of you making this? I’d love to see a timelapse of the process!

(Grigoriy) #12

Unfortunately i did not make timelapse video. I have only some screenshots and renders of making process.

(Jensen197) #13

Incredible looking