Cyberate Housewives

Hello everyone.

Here is a keyframe made for a French challenge around the cyberpunk theme and with official CD Projekt Red partnership.

I wanted to explore an ordinary saturday afternoon between young mothers from the corporate class in 2077.
So there is a future mom but with a baby pregnancy capsule, because it’s convenient.
A young mom with telescopic niple for easy breathfeeding.
And another mom and its young girl playing with her augmented reality device.
Holographic aquarium and several easter eggs :wink:

Made several research in 2D before making the layout in Blender eevee, character modeling also under eevee with the help of MB labs add on, and then overpaint again in Photoshop.

Hope you’ll like the idea

Short video “process”


Original idea (quick composite for fun)


Accessories research:

Chara designs:

Chara models:



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Very interesting! Great job with the pre-production.

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Thanks. It’s something I used to forgot on personnal projects, so I definately had to get a better process.