Cyberatonica. Cyer Eye.


© Vitaliy Sokol 3d artist](

Sketch, concept design, bolts, hoses - Zbrush.
Previsualisation - Keyshot.

Modeling, retopology, wireframe pass, final render with Blender 2.73 (a little bit 2.74) + CYCLES engine.

WIREFRAME render with blender

Thx for watching

Thats some serious hard surface modeling/shading there :o

Could you post the High poly model too?

Impressive work! This is really great. :slight_smile:

This “caught my eye” immediately :slight_smile: Outstanding job on this.

The render sure is nice, but I also like the copyright attribution down the side, nice design.

Incredible detail, well done!

For once I won’t be lying when I m saying, you have beautifull eyes. :smiley:
The model, materials, colors and rendering all looks very good to me.

Thank you

=) Thank you

Got it
=) Thank you

=) Thank you

=) Thank you