CyberBike animation WIP

Hi, guys! I want to share with you the WIP of my animation work for the CyberBike project.

The still renders I posted here earlier.

I decided to make a bike from the 80’s soviet turnstile - cyberbike:-) Yep, it is a jocular project and I have much fun doing this. But I take seriously all critics and feedback from you to do all my best. So I will be appreciated for your comments.

For now, I have rigged the model of my bike and made a rough storyboard of a future animation on a piece of paper. Give me a couple days to redraw it in PS and I will share it with you.

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Hah, reminds me of the combine train from Half Life. Nice.

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Thanks, man:-)

Just finished the storyboard

The animatic is finished. One-half of shots was rendered in Cycles and the other in Eevee.

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