Cybernetic religion

Hi !
For a challenge in a french website of blender ( :smiley: ) , I make a picture (the subject is , of course, cybernetic religion :smiley: )

C&C please :slight_smile:

I can barely see anyhing in the pic, it’s really dark.

he must be using a LCD and you must be using a CRT. LCD screens tend to display things brighter than they actually are. i had this problem when doing my VW commercial (still a WIP). things were very very dark on a CRT, but on my laptop (my primary workstation) things looked perfect.

I would still be of the opinion its too dark. I have a dual display one is a CRT and the other an LCD and although it is brighter on the LCD its still very dark.

Yes, you’re right, the scene is too dark. I’m going to arrange this problem. (and I’m in the boarding school , so , let’s go to blend only the week-end :’( )

Lighting needs some improvement

Plus the numbers could glow a little more