cybernetic robot (update 01/19/2005)


this is my very first model with blender or 3D Soft in general so please be gentle. :slight_smile: . I used AO, which took years to render, but somehow I’m too stupid to manage three-point lightning. :smiley:
Anyway, here it is, c&c highly welcome. :slight_smile:

It’s going to be some sort of a mech I think.


ps: First post. Hi everyone. :slight_smile:

So this is the very first thing you did when you opened Blender? :expressionless:

It looks very good, but this is not the first 3D object you’ve ever made. :wink:

btw, Welcome :smiley:


Of course not, sorry If I’ve been unclear here. :slight_smile: I did the manual and some testing, but this is the first thing that isn’t a RayMirrored Cube or some “Gus”. :wink:

Ok, I remodeled the upper leg a little towards possible animation (I seperated the cylinder to make it movable), build hips, shoulders and a spinal column. I think I’ll change the hip a little, but basically that’s how it’s going to look like. :slight_smile: (well, except for the arms and head, which I add eventually ;))


ps: excuse my sloppy english, I’m not native. :slight_smile:

i don’t know the purpose of the wires in the blocky part of the legs… and that means they lack something :smiley:


Very Cool I look forward to seeing the finished product.

Hi again,

I finished the rough modeling today. Some details are going to be added and I have to do the ragging, which I’m not looking forward to. :wink:
I redid the “blocky” upperleg and removed the wires, hope that does it for you, Yeonil. :slight_smile:
Modeling time about three days. I recently discovered how to zoom into particular places, that made things a lot easier. :smiley: Rendertime was sth. ‘round 10 minutes.
Never texturized something before, I hope I manage that, but I guess for my first week with blender I’m doin’ alright. :slight_smile:
I keep you posted.


ps: yes, the blue lights are blender lamps. :wink:

I got one noobish question…

How do you make that background? I mean, how do you make it, so that the the plane under the object just keeps going… Well, i don´t know how to explain it, but I´m sure you know what i mean.
Basically I mean that the background is all the same color, and there are no shadows, expect from the object(s).

Good work, I can´t believe this is your first model :smiley: .

I know exactly what you mean. :slight_smile: The first thing I wanted to do, was creating this sterile white athmosphere I saw on a lot of pictures.
Turn the background color to white, turn on AO with a sampling of 16 and put a plane beneith your object. Give that plane a little reflection for eye candy. Its not necessary to stretch the plane for lightyears, just put it directly under your object. If the final render got some relicts of that plane, erase them with Gimp or Photoshop.
Basically the key is AmbientOcclusion. :slight_smile:

Glad you like the robot. :slight_smile:


Thank you for help.

How could I not like the robot? :wink:

Of course not, sorry If I’ve been unclear here. :slight_smile: I did the manual and some testing, but this is the first thing that isn’t a RayMirrored Cube or some “Gus”. ;)[/quote]

Ah, I think he was implying that you’ve had experience in some 3d application before. But you seem to be making it sound as if that isn’t true.

If that isn’t, I’d say, “whoa”.
This guy is turning out pretty damn cool. You need to give him some armeture and let him dance!

Well, I built an Unreal Tournament Map once, if that counts. :slight_smile:
And phew, putting the armatures in is really time consuming. But I guess sleep is for losers anyway… :smiley:

LoOks fReAgiN’ CoOL !! are you gonna animate it? if not can i borrow the model so i can animate it?.. %|

Building UT maps is excellent preparation for 3D design in general. While UT uses a subtractive space model, as opposed to Quake’s additive space model, it still uses vertexes, edges, faces, etc. to simulate 3-dimensionality, which makes the lessons learned editing UT maps applicable to something like Blender.

BTW, that’s how I got my start, too.

Hey now it rocks :smiley:

the head: this hmm… things projecting from it are… strange :smiley: and hands > there should be another segment of fingers, or the last one wider IMHO.


This model looks very good; and I agree with friedbrain, you should animate it. Not doing so would be a waste. It would also make Blender unhappy… you don’t want Blender to be unhappy do you? O_o?


thanks for the positive feedback. I’ll add another segment to the hands, totally missed that there’s one missing. :slight_smile:
Those things on his head are supposed to close and open later to indicate whether he’s powered or not. (his eyes will change colors depending on his mood… cool eh? :P)
And yes, he’s going to be the star of a short film. :slight_smile: I phoned a girl from my english class today who is willing to give a little background speech while Mr. Robot here does his action. :slight_smile:
I’ll start tomorrow with the armature and those little cosmetic changes recommended, you’ll be the first to know. :wink:


I finally had the time to try that AO thing, but it didn´t work…
I don´t know what i´m doing wrong, because I followed the instructions.

If someone could send me a simple .blend file with that all-white-background, I´d be really happy :slight_smile: .
I´m going to do a school project, and I need to know how to create that background.

My e-mail address is [email protected]
There you go. :slight_smile:

Thank you.
Now i know what i was doing wrong, I rendered it with YafRay :D.
I almost always use YafRay, so I didn´t even think about rendering it with the default one.

I didn´t know about that “Track to” thing that was in the camera,
I´ve always wondered how you do that in Blender :wink: .