cybernetic robot (update 01/19/2005)

I really wouldn´t like to post new topic just for this question, so here it goes:
Is it possible to create that all-white-background in a different way, so I could render it with YafRay?

BTW, have you tried to model “rib bones” to the robot, it might look super-cool. :wink:

hey can I post a weird crit?
when I saw the second image I thought “man, that stance rocks” meaning angle of back s curve/ legs, etc.
then when you put the head on you had it facing the other way!

So I’m asking. Did you make this robot “backwards” intentionally? (for backwards read: the direction of the S curve of the spine, the hip angle, the bend direction of the knees.)

Also, the two spherical hip bearings make a kind of butt- and right now, his butt precedes him :wink:

then when you put the head on you had it facing the other way!

I kind of agree, something about the balance of a machine still needs to fit our perceptions of a living creature’s balance for it to look “natural”.

Hey you guys,

I lost interest… here is the guy, do what you want with him. :slight_smile:


Welcome to Elysiun

It’s looking good, especially for it being your first work

I don’t like to say this but I personally don’t really like the head that much


since I recently began blendering again after an 1.5 year break I stumbled across this thread. Since my old HD crashed half a year ago, renderings and .blend are gone.
Although I’m pretty sure it’s useless, I call out for someone who somehow still has one or the other available, for old times sake. :wink: