Cyberpunk 2087 Mumbai

Here is my new personal projects, most of the assets are kitbashed from various commercial packs. I did the layout, shading, lighting, matte painting and comp (Nuke).

Alt styleframe before comp

AO pass

Hope you guys like it and thanks for taking a look!



I would gladly watch a 10 minute version of this with more shots and angles, lots of details and high quality exists here. Awesome.


Thanks man, appreciate your kind words :slight_smile:

That´s impressive!

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Thanks :slight_smile:

A city looking like that could become very real if India’s population keeps growing the way it is (along with the urbanization that is standard among developing nations).

That must’ve taken some time to make, there must be hundreds of animating textures in there.

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God damn this is great!

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Thanks Ace_Dragon and glencandle for your kind words.

I use a lot of freely available animated videos as textures so that took some time but not as much time as animating all of them :smiley: This whole project took about 3 to 4 weeks to finish, from concept, layout to comp.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

I am honored, thanks a lot Bart!