Cyberpunk block

Hello everyone !

Here my entry for the French community Cyberpunk challenge “La Forge”.
My picture is essentially based on the concept from “ajunk_” a underrated 2D concept artist.

Majority of modeling was done in Blender as usual with the help of the incredibly helpful addon Speedflow from Cedric Lepiller.
As always for this kind of picture, I use an hybrid modeling workflow with combinaison of non-destructive and destructive operations.

In addition to the room and structures, I had to model about 30 assets from scratch…
I also use a bit Houdini for some parametric modeling, scattering, random copy and VDB modeling. Clothes done with Marvelous and/or Houdini.

Render with the incredible Octane 2020 Free Tier for Blender 2.83.1
No UVs, not textures, all is done procedurally in Octane.

Quick & Dirty (essentially dirty) compositing in Houdini to addition picture without and with screens reflexions in the window and to apply OCIO Color Space. If you ask yourself why I have do compositing in Houdini, there is a solid technical reason for that : my personnel compositing pipeline with DaVinci Fusion is broken :smiley:

I take 2 weeks to do this entire project !

It was a funny experience, a bit different compared to my traditional work. Hope you like it.

The Artstation post



i would love to see this in different camera settings , specially the lens settings, there’s so much work done inside but this photo is not showing it ^^ ,

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Haha, yes, I like a bit of mystery :slight_smile:

4K version here :

I love the mood and attention to detail. Beautiful stuff as always.

Hi Szymon, nice to meet you here, how are you ? Haha :smiley:

Glad you like it, i took lot of attention to the mood !

See you soon.