Cyberpunk corpo truck

I’ve worked on this project for while now but was distracted by other things, also I should have posted my WIP here sooner :sweat_smile:
Its like the cybertruck, but without the roblox aesthetic. The interior and glasses works like the crystal dome tech in Cyberpunk 2077. The outside is preeettyyy much done, just the inside to do now.|


Hey, it’s nothing like the cybertruck - this actually looks good! You could actually feel cool driving this one.

Kind of reminds me of Halo for some reason.


I do base some part of the design spacings and layout of the Warthog, also the color scheme is a major giveaway :laughing:

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Well, I see better taste leads to better design then. It does look like it’s own vehicle, the style is just reminiscent of Halo. Yours looks like something that belongs in the future, whereas Elon’s looks like one that needs some graphical updates for the remaster (if we were living in a cyberpunk dystopian game).

Olive is actually pretty standard for military and military-esque vehicles (at least it is here) so that doesn’t mean much.

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Few more updates on the vehicle, just started modeling the interior with some blockout, I’m gonna do a luxury - retrofuturistic - cyberpunk inspired design for the interior, like a luxury and super roomy pickup truck.
Right now the edges around the transparent steel material is still quite rough, gonna work on that later

Going fast with the interior :running_man:
For this one I’m going for the retrofuturistic - cyberpunk style, which mean more buttons, more glows, more militaristic BUT also coated in opulence

Moving forward with the interior, already loving the style, retrofuturistic cyberpunk corpo

Aw man I love making this kind of interior design, retrofuturistic + cyberpunk applied ontop of a luxury - militaristic design is glorious

Some funky seat :laughing:

More progress on the chair and some previews

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Started working on the backseat

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Allllmossttt DONE ! Added in a license plate with texture generated by Stable Diffusion ( Massive help ! )
.Just a few more details left to add, maybe a few more small display to put on lol, but overall this truck is ready to be finished, then the SCENE !

I’m going to be recording the scene and breaking down it since I just started getting serious about YT last month and this truck started wayy before that, so I didn’t have any recordings of it.

Ah yes it’s time for the environment, the truck is pretty much done.

I’m also recording the environment for the tutorial video, I’m having this cool format that I wanna do so this might take a while

thats awesome bro!
wish i could do stuff like that

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Thanks a lot :raised_hands:

Building the scene right now and recording everything I could, so far it’s been 4GB of 1hour recording, last recording I did for the flying yacht bay was about 70 or 60GBs something I don’t remember, but as for this one I’m going to edit them into a meaningful video ( which I am planning with a grin :smile: )

I’m highly inspired by Wolfenstein The New Order & The New Colossus, specifically the Lunar and Venus bases.

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More progress on the environment, this is only a preview HDRI lighting tho, main lighting will be more focused on the vehicle with volumetric effect so other objects will fade into the shot

A quick lighting setup

Lots more detail coming into the scene, established some elements for the foreground, middle ground and background, well I still don’t know what to do for the background yet :thinking:

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Currently getting into the texturing phase now, with some more detailing to do.

Also generated these sweet signage and symbols from Stable Diffusion, what an awesome tool