Cyberpunk / futuristic environment

Hello this my latest artwork!

It took me a few days to finish it and I’m quite happy with how it came out.

The image represent a character lost in a futuristic city asking for help. No one wants to talk to him, he’s so strange.


Welcome to BA!

Well done; the mood feels cyperpunky, but early, not quite “everything has gone to rot” yet.

I like the small detail with the child looking at the stranger in wonder, while his mother is urging him on. The only issue I have here is that it doesn’t look like a proper child, but like an adult man scaled down – the proportions of children are different than those of adults, that’s why you can’t just do it that way.

What tools did you use if you don’t mind saying?


Thank you so much for taking the time to post a comment and for this I used blender

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:


Environment is great, crowd not so much. Could have done more with eyewear, headwear and clothes to add diversity and further mask the reused model. Also the ‘Kid’(I presume intent here) obviously isn’t.


The image looks great, but the title doesn’t match.
There is nothing cyberpunk at all. Some of those signs should be broken or hanging off axis…

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I think I’d feel the same if I was randomly put into today’s Tokyo xD

Great artwork!

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That wouldn’t make it any more or any less cyberpunk tbh. One of the tropes certainly is high tech, low life but not every environment depicted has to be lowest of low life.

Couple of CCTV/surveillance camera drones flying around might help sell the cyberpunk setting more tho, yeah. Then again we are already living in the cyberpunk era, when walking down your city streets, how many of the CCTV cameras do you really notice? They are there…

I’m pretty impressed with the range of colors you managed to pull into a vibrant and cohesive whole.

There are some minor issues with the crowd that others have pointed out, but the rich, beautiful, very well done cyberpunk atmosphere is the first thing a viewer notices, and more than makes up for those.


Maybe you’re right. I’m thinking Dystopian or Apocalyptic.


master level imagery

PS: forget the comments about the characters repeating- did they stop to think this is a part of the city inhabited by clones? …and some clones are very popular and come in different sizes?!
no they didn’t. :wink:


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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I’d also point it it’s not super noticeable until you look closely at the image and take in all the details. It’s an image with enough visual interest to keep the viewers attention, hence people noticing the repetition in shoes and clothing. We’re enjoying looking at it too long.

Still a gorgeous image though. No question about that.


Well said!
the sad truth is we’ve seen too many times the critiques can go in literally forever as what looks good, right is subjective.
unless you’re wanting to be a serious pro - (and then you maybe should be elsewhere for critique) go with it and have fun. the more you do the more your own style will appear.

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Amazing light mood, great work !

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