Cyberpunk M4A1! (procedual material)


(wanoco4D) #1

I enjoyed creating this assault rifle.And then I tried to make procedual material(for example, this makes scratches especially on this model’s edges) because it can be useful to make other models of weapons efficiently.

As usual, these guns have their owner’s name.(Of cource you can change each fonts.)

The attachments are changeable!

(I tested this material for a model of pistol)

This seem to be functioned insufficiently :frowning: I think that it is important to unify the style of modeling to use the same procedual materials. This pistol’s edge is much sharper than that of my rifle

other images (Artstation):

I’m looking forward to making procedual materials in Blender2.8 beta :slight_smile:
(my challenge to Blender2.80beta procedual material is : DH-17 blaster from StarWars

Is it just me but did blenderartist become boring?
(Tarik Krug) #2

Wow dude this is gonna be featured very fast, It’s the best gun render I have seen so far.
Can you tell how did you make this background? I just love it!

(Member) #3

Oh man i agree this is gonna be featured…

(ouraf) #4

definitely cyber, not so punk.

Still an amazing future warfare piece. can really ger featured!

(wanoco4D) #5

Thank you! :smile:

Background setting is absolutely simple. This part of my composite node affects the final images.

(wanoco4D) #6

Thank you :slight_smile:
I’m planning to make my pistol model punker :kissing_smiling_eyes:

(wanoco4D) #7

Thank you!

(Sapnil Kar) #8

how did you make the models shine so much??

(alf0) #9

nice work !!!

(wanoco4D) #10

I think that strong backlight is the key in this work.

And I have added other soft lights like this (It’s maybe necessary, too)

Finally, I make some effects(mainly, glares) through composite nodes

This is a simple version of the material. It’s also important to consider lighting.

I hope this will help :wink:

(Sapnil Kar) #11

thanks…great work btw :star_struck:

(rawalanche) #12

Yup, this should definitely be featured. It’s significantly above average level of work that gets to the featured row.

(Tarik Krug) #13

Meh…this world is unfair

(wanoco4D) #14

By the way, here is my first topic, which were featured.

(rawalanche) #15

Why is this artwork still not featured while clearly inferior ones are? Is there some moderation in regards to which topics are allowed to go on the featured row?

(GarageFarm.NET) #16

love it

Jarek D(DJ)

(Tarik Krug) #17


(wanoco4D) #18

I added images of compositing nodes :sunglasses:

(jbattersby) #19

Awesome work, great mood/colors in the renderings as well.

DH-17 blaster from StarWars
(Mokutsuno) #20

Amazing work!!
I can learn a lot from you.