Cyberpunk magician wip

I’m sculpting this model, magician in cyberpunk world.
I need critique very much.

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This looks great I love the look and idea! there are two main things that pop out to me. I love the top of the head and how it wraps around to the back but the front of the jaw where the chin and mouth would be kinda loses me idk what’s happening there mechanically it doesn’t really make any sense. It kinda looks like acid melted away some of his jaw but it looks like there is some sort of strut or hydraulic system that would allow the mouth to open and close but it doesn’t? And then the paint kinda looks like someone melted a candle or a wax stick over his face instead of actually painting it.

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I don’t really see how this is cyberpunk or a magician.
To imply he’s a magician, maybe you could add smoke or cards.
For a more cyberpunk feel, it should look a little more human with robot parts. You can keep the head but from the neck down could be human skin or a suit.
The face looks awesome, love the detail.

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Thank you for your reply!
Finally I will add smoke, buildings and some mechanical parts.

Thank you for the reply.
Certainly shape of the jaw part is one of the problem. I will try hard to bring reality.

One suggestion: "don’t obstruct a clear view of the eyes from any frontal angle.