cyberpunk - night club

Yup, I love Cyberpunk. This is my imagination, future Neo-city.
Blender Cycles ,Final edit in PS :slight_smile:

texture mode:

great scene! I cannot help but think, though, that it could benefit from a couple of people, or a vehicle or other sign of life.

are you entering this in the reddit contest or is it a coincidence?

Reddit contest? what is it?
oh~ Just search, quite interesting~

a popular website, first time i heard :no:
uninformed ,sorry.

Wow, impressive scene. I can see all the efforts you put in it. I especially love the buildings in the background, the neon signs and the athmospheric fog. Brilliant work. I agree it would benefit a human presence, maybe a silhouette in the foreground? A few textures are a bit stretched, too. Sorry, it tried to give hints for potential improvement, but this is really great as it is. Congrats

Love this style. Think my hovercar could fit in there, just maybe not so new looking.

Wow… NIce… I love the detail very subtle… :slight_smile:

Wow nice modeling of this scene and the textures aren’t bad either :slight_smile: But the materials and lighting need some love IMO But still, for a large scale scene, good job! 5*