Cyberpunk Piece

Cyberpunk Character

I’ve recently jumped in to Blender. I come from a c4d/maya background and I must say I am really impressed by the tool. I had to find my way a bit but the “industry standard” setting got me running in no time. I was working on this “cyberpunk” character and decided to finish the project in blender to learn the application. The textures are done in substance painter but I will light and render the scene in blender. Still loads to do but here is a work in progress.


That could be in any world-class Sci-fi Game or, even movie – I think, you need to stop thinking only about characters, and maybe also learn to write books or, Story-boards, and start by making short animations, maybe 30 - 45 second animations, for simple youtube videos, to get started - - Your character basically doesn’t need to look better, what you’re gonna do with it, is what’s interesting, I think - -

ps. Jeg er fra Danmark - -

You have to ask, what is best for me right now . . Is it to get better at 3D modelling, since I can basically make world-class anything I want or, is it to start making a sci-fi universe, and move to short youtube animations, perhaps eventually leading to an entire game world - - and, if you get followers for early animations, in media, they might buy your game, Later - - $ $

I think a good question, in sci-fi is, a. when does a modified human being ’ stop ’ being a human, and when does it become a ’ machine ', and then lose some of it’s rights, since it’s a ’ thing ', who decides that - -

b. in the future, if one uploads one entire ’ psyche ’ into the internet, into an electronic form, as a way of entertainment, and so on, what comes back, are there flaws or, perhaps ways of hacking the person while he’s ’ online ’ and, altering it, with a virus - -

c. what does it mean to be human, when one can become anything, and turn into almost anything, one wants, what are the ’ right ’ human beings, like if my eyes, brain, and legs were made into electronic stuff, would I still be human . .

d. I guess an interesting thing is, would a person choose to stay human, given he could be immortal, if he became a machine, gradually, lose all human frailty, leave it behind - -

e. also, when do robots become so advanced, they deserve rights - -

f. and last, since a lot of information about me is story electronically, more information than I know myself, where does my privacy extend to, I mean if my phone and, coffee machine knows where I am, because they record from the GPS in my phone, so the coffee is ready, do I have the right to all that information, and if some-one hacked that, and used it against me, could they for instance frame me for a crime, or some-thing - -

that’s what Sci-fi, or cyber-punk is good at exploring, the dilemmas we face, on the horizon, but in the end you need a story, in the future, to need the character . . I would start thinking hard about stories, any moron can see exactly what the character is looking like and, thinking about, it’s detailed enough, for human communication, it doesn’t have any weak points, in graphics - - now you need to ask yourself, if you have a story, or message you want, To spread - -

Hi Jasper,

Thanks for your interesting perspective and point of view. The concept I have for this character will have a lot more story telling in it. I will reveal more when I have more work done. :slight_smile:

my point is, your art is So good, you can make it tell anything, try rigging the face and, telling a few comic page in it, to start creating stories, and collecting moments or, Inspirations - -

Currently in the rigging phase, with indeed a facial rig. Once the weight painting is done I will try some animation.

this is Blade runner quality, Well done - -

Thanks Jasper

hi @mastajappa AMAZING WORK. This is state of the art! I was just wondering if you’d be willing to tell me the software used for the process…i’m a beginner :slight_smile:

Was the 3d character made in fuse r blender and textures added in substance paint?

Thank you so much

Thanks Simbako,

I used the free daz gen 8 as a base but painted the textures in substance painter. The clothes were modeled from scratch and I rigged the character using auto rig pro in blender.

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thank you so much for getting back to me! wishing you all the best