Cyberpunk Realtime Character

Hello everyone. I just finished a visual update to the main character of my upcoming solodev game title. What do you guys think? Any C&C are welcome!

There is a previous version of her so, technical stuff are most likely located in that artwork. You can check her as well if you go through my portifolio. :smiley:

Anyway, i hope you all enjoy it!


i see a smexy babe i press click :rofl:

Well done!

This render does not do it justice. Went to your artstation and watching it animated really made it stand out, not “stiff”. Also the skin and hair looks much better in-game.

I agree with BigBlend.
The animation of her is top notch.
But i have one criticism: It’s way to cliche to be called Cyberpunk if all you did is just slapped some glowing stuff on her and called it a day.
I like this style, don’t get me wrong, but one could call it generic anime style and it could be literally anything.
You could make it more obvious by giving her an more futuristic looking sword. I assume it isn’t finished so maybe you should go all out with the sword and have the genre defined by her weapon.
An futuristic sword with some high tech compound material would also offset the ‘giant sword’ cliche and the lack of realism which goes with it.

That’s absolutely true. I’m not very skilled to material settings inside Marmoset just yet, and can’t get off this odd looking hair. lol
Tried to follow some tutorials for its preset, but i don’t see much overall improvement tbh.

The material settings is way over more complex and complete inside UE4. It’s a funny thing you know, while i can make better materials over Unreal Engine, i can’t really setup a scene to get a proper render shot inside there. I didn’t found any template to use for the scene, so i had no choice other than take the shots outside the engine.

Thanks for the feedback!

There is some reasons in why she looks like that. This might answers some things.
Since this is a game character and not a standalone artwork, that’s only her first gear setup. In the game, i want to make the player have the choice in which kind of augmentation she will have, so you can basicaly choose if you want to run around looking like a walking tank or a more clean-ish look. Things like Exo-skeleton, suits, wings, drones and etc are yet to come as i progress on the development!

Also, the sword is just a placeholder, don’t take it into consideration. I DO want to include a giant sword into the gameplay itself (She actually has a reason into why using only melee weapons in a cyberpunk world), but for sure it won’t look like this once it’s done. The weapon aesthetic should look more or less like this one for example:

I agree with the other posters - she is much more impressive in the animations and in some of the other renders.

(never thought I’d see the day when ~100K triangles was “game ready” lol)