Cyberpunk robot - contest for blender cookie

my entry for the robot contest of blender cookie.

Had some truble with my grafic card (I think the textures were to big) so I had to render it with cpu.

I hope U like it

helmet: detail


Your character look great ! Bloodstains are realistic how you have achieved it ?


I used some splatter brushes and turned of the spec by masking it with a BW image that I transformed of the color-Tex

photoshop to paint textures?

well texturepaint in blender doesn’t work that well for me so I used photoshop

Have you tried the trial of mari? It’s amazing, but a bit fiddly to work with blender.

normaly I use Zbrush but the contest hasn’t allowed it

Thank you for sharing your map BW, splatter brushes are cool, where did you get it ? probably on the internet ? or have you draw in your own ?