Cyberpunk Street Samurai

I’ve had this as a WIP for ages - saw Yusong Zeng’s concept art over at Artstation and loved it. Was very much a beginner in Blender (still am!) back then and wanted to challenge myself by trying to bring it to 3D. Most of the modelling over a year ago, and I was quite happy with what I was able to achieve, but then couldn’t really get the arms to look right and by the time I was moving towards rigging and texturing, I’d gotten a bit frustrated with what I had. Ended up doing something else instead and this just started gathering dust.

Anyways, now more than a year later I remembered this a few weeks ago and channeled by inner Shia Lebeouf by just doing it. Background is kinda sketchy and rendering is definitely not something I’m comfortable with yet, but I’m decently happy with the end result anyways. Maybe a bit sad, but after year and half of using Blender, this might be the first project I’ve really finished :grimacing:

Modelled in Blender, rendered in Cycles.

I’ll upload some behind the scenes photos later to Artstation (there’s also a link to the original concept art here):

More of what I’ve done in Blender, follow if interested: