This is a quick project from a few months ago. I decided to have some fun with the Servo Skull model by Erasmus on Sketchfab. Here’s a link to the download page:
My portion was 100% Blender, and at the time I think I was using 2.92. I rendered the scene in EEVEE and did some basic post processing in the blender compositor. This project was mostly just for fun but it was also a nice exercise in lighting and using other people’s models, which I don’t do often except for simple assets like plants.
The red and blue version is the original and the other two were created just by shifting the hue. The pink and blue is my personal favorite!


Looks like an exotic that would belong in destiny :o! Lovely stuff works nice in the lighting you made! especily the bottom one really omminus.

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Thank you! The lighting is my favorite part of this piece

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