Cybertruck on Mars

Hi everybody. I’ve been reading that people aren’t liking the new Tesla Cybertruck design. However, it’s clearly designed for use on Mars so I thought I’d try to do it some justice.


You can see this image animated in the teaser for my upcoming music video “Life On Mars”:

The full music video will be released soon on my YouTube channel. In addition to the Cybertruck scene, the Mars animation is done in Blender as well! Music is all original.

Cybertruck Model by PolyDucky, License: CC Attribution:
SpaceX Starship Model by MartianDays, License: CC Attribution:
SpaceX Dragon model by Chris Kuhn, License: CC Attribution:


Nice work, exciting to see a cybertruck and starship together in the one shot!

Do you plan on making your own models? The cybertruck has got to be a good vehicle for artists to model, no curves is always a bonus.

Also liking the details in that starship plume, look forward to seeing more of the launch sequence.

Hi AD-Edge,

Thanks for the compliment. I’m playing around with modeling. My first love is actually music composition, arranging, and performance. This whole sequence was inspired by a synthesizer sound. Blender is turning out to be a way to help me tell the creative stories I want to tell. Strangely, I’ve been writing music about rocket launches for almost 20 years. I’d love to be the official composer for SpaceX :slight_smile:

I’m slowly learning how to use Blender. I did this music video as my first Blender project last year:

This new music video that I’m about to release is a mixture of real world footage with the blender scenes I posted above.

Do you have any work posted? This site doesn’t make sense to me as far as how to see a person’s portfolio.