Cyborg mini warrior thing


Sorry about the title… I really don’t know what to call this project… thing. Anyway I had drawn a nice picture of a goblin some time back and I was going to make it in blender today but I ended up with this crazy helmet. So now I have started to add a body to it now.

So what do you guys think of it so far?



Love the detail on the helmet and neck

How about Lone Warrior

cool looking character you call him bob… master chiefs evil twin and uv a evil mustache and goatee on his visor… muhahaha let master chief wallow in the jubblies!!

Here is a small update.

I have changed the title name to something more suitable now that I have some idea where I am going.

This character is going to be a cyborg warrior that aids soldiers when in war. They stand at about half the size of a normal human. The other thing these cyborgs are used for are as personal body guards.


Interesting little project here! Got a few crits, but not much at this stage (since
I don’t consider myself much of a modeling guy:)).

  • Beware that you don’t make to many bumps in the head. Makes the modeling
    look bad (though it might not be at all). Clean, curvy design is what you should
    be aiming for IMO, so keep the polycount at a minimum and the shapes clean.
    Applies to the rest of the model too.

Keep it up!

Another small update…

Thanks for the replies,

Mathias you have brought up some good points which I had not realised untill I started working on this project.

I am not satisfied with the hands, feet and legs of my character… the hands, well I know what I want but I just can’t get them how I want them so I have left them as they are for the moment and moved onto other parts of the body. The legs and feet are to to my satisfaction either but any crits, comments and tips on them would be nice.

I have given more thought to what I will end up doing with this character… I would like to put multiple of these cyborg characters into a scene of a deserted and destroyed city, they would be sort of like sitting in stratigic points in abandoned buildings waiting to ambush something or someone… I would also like to rig him. But that is all to come in the future… for now just some nice comments, suggestions, crits and tips on the cyborg so far.




looks pretty kewl so far… looks pink though lol

Just remodeling the feet and accidently gave it a dress… it doesn’t look to bad though. I am still going to give legs but though this would amuse/interest you guys.

As you can see I have sort of compremised a hand… of sorts, it still needs some work but what do you guys think?

Thanks for the replys,



Okay, here is another update of my cyborg… need some help with the legs… they just make him look to cartoonish I think. Got any tips?




Whoa man, thats lookin good! ha, really fun! Some more interesting textures or wutever would be cool

check out my wip site.
BTW, ill be updating it soon :wink:

keep it up

Here is the latest update…

I have decided that I will rig the cyborg and do a few short animations, as I have never done that sort of thing before. It should be fun.

So what do think people?

Thanks for the replies so far, greatly appreciated.


you might be able to gove it amore ballte look by adding things like a shoulder pad or thigh guards for medieval armor. if no armor pads then maybe ammo pouches or boxes that bolt into the bots legs and torso. just some ideas

being a futuristic character his armour is quite strong so it doesn’t require extra pads, I aim the keep him nice and smooth like so I am a bit careful when it comes to adding extra pockets, pouches … etc. Thanks for the ideas though gokuui!

I am now going to start modeling him a nice weapon but I am a bit stuck for ideas… what should the weapon be? I am doing a few quick sketches of guns but I am not sure as to weither I should make the guns all smooth and shiny like my character or big, heavy and ugly. What are your thoughts?



I love it so far… my only problem is the neck and the wrists… they look way too flimzy for how the rest of the character is built…

Also, do you think you could make one in a blue or a black? I’m just curious how it would look cuz I like those better than red (personal opinion)

okay, started working on his gun… still a bit stuck for ideas but this one came to be while I was fiddling with different shapes in blender… most of my work is not planned as my cyborg was not and neither was this gun.

Anyway tell me what you think also tell me what you think I should add to the gun, take away change… what ever, I am open to suggestions!

@way2lazy2ca: I will render a black and blue version of my cyborg for you soon… so stay tuned! :wink:


It has a sort of silly-puttyish look to it, but so does your cyborg, so I guess it’ll match well.

looking good…but an idea, a more complex gun might offset the fairly simple ‘cyborg’… even so, a very nice style!