Cyborg Sera-626

This is the personal project I did some weeks ago and I think this character represents where are my skill level right now. What do you think about?
Made with Zbrush, Substance Painter, Blender and Photoshop.

You can check the full project here:


Amazing :heart::heart::heart:
i like it

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Thank you!! :slight_smile:

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Lose the smoke and it’d be perfect.

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to much smoke? :open_mouth:

The smoke is kind of confusing.
At first you think “street punk aesthetic”, but then you realize she’s mostly robotic.
Then the logic pokes your brain, and the double point takes the lead.

Smoking would have no value other than clogging up her joints.
Sooo… hmmm? much confused.
But the art is much good.

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removed by popular demand

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I understand what you mean, but who knows how would be the technology in the future, so if a cyborg can have feelings why can not feel pleasure smoking cigarettes? :slight_smile:
Thanks for your response, I appreciate!

really? :open_mouth:

First, let me say it again: Your art is really great!

As for my smoking comment: Mostly it’s because smoking has been on the decline for years. For many it’s now a turn off, not something we are looking for in a character. I get that in the past smoking was seen as the mature and hip thing to do, but not today. I don’t think that having her smoke briungs any positive to the piece. I would’ve gone with a lollipop or toothpick if I wanted her to have something in her mouth. But, hey, that just me.

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Thank you Alain! I understand what do you mean but I do not share your point of view, at least in a stetic way. I think a cigarette on a character it still feels aggressive and mysterious in some way.

“Okay, so you want to hear my ‘off the cuff’ reaction?” Okay, here goes: “what’s happening on the left side of her head, specifically caused by the ‘smoke.’” At this very-specific point, to my eye, “the 3D illusion is somehow broken.”

And then, as I continue down her body from the shoulder to the point at her elbow (where a difference in the painting takes over …), I likewise “feel” a problem. Somehow, her left shoulder ceases to appear to be three-dimensional!

I’m not quite sure what to “artistically recommend” here, but I do very-clearly see it as a problem area.

(In fact: “her right shoulder looks ‘anatomical,’” but quite honestly … “her entire(!) left side” … the more I look at it … Nope. Nope. Nope.