Hi guys this is my 3rd character model…internal render + GIMP! hope you like it! CnC are very much welcome. TIA! enjoy


Straight to the gallery, i suppose.

Very nice… unusual render style… almost a painterly feel. Was that done in GIMP?

Very nice!

FreeMind: thank you sir! thank you sir!

MarkJoel60: thank you sir! blender internal renderer plus GIMP comp.

jack.herbert : thank you sir! thank you sir!

congratulation hcortz. u done a superb job. :slight_smile:

thank you master and thanks for the help!

you’ve done great job, however camera angles imo are too chaotic. you have so many objects in the scene, you definitaly can use them to gain roominess in your render showing some fragments of them lens blurred in front of he camera, and further could come your character. that would be more interesting. :slight_smile:
don’t hate me , please, for the critics :smiley:

no sir, i appreciate your criticism, it will help me to learn more. thank you sir!

Added to the gallery.

internal render!? no ways, did you use some sort of DoF plugin or what???
EDIT: oh and before you think im some noob who doesnt know about dof in blender - i’m just saying that that doesnt look like blender’s internal dof node. it looks better somehow

Is the word ‘fuck’ allowed when used in ‘fucking awesome’? :smiley:

Well done. Bottom image is the best - it has most interesting composition. Two top one have kinda more static, and boring look.
Why first one have bad composition:
If you blur you eyes then cyborg on first image is practically not visible. I would suggest adding hole in wall behind her, so her dark body would contrast white sky. Also she is to small for being main focus
Why second one have bad comp:
It’s bit better - her dark body on light fire background, but it could have more contrast. Also putting main subject in center of image is considered being bad idea. Just google about rule of thirds.
Last one, on the other hand have all advantages of good composition - good contrast in area of her head and chest, plus it is bit off the center.
But modeling, texturing and lightning is very good. 5 stars for last image.:slight_smile:

nice work keep it up…

Amazing work, I can’t believe in my eyes!!!

Wonderful!! Thanks for sharing your creation!

Awesome work. Love the lighting

This is great. The lighting is nice, but the camera angles are a little off. other than that, great!

Looks/is impressive! Nicely done.

Nicely done. It looks like a render from cinematic for some old game, like 10 years ago. Reminds me of Starcraft :slight_smile: