hi guys i am quite a newbie to blender i switched to it when my copy of C4D broke. i find this better than C4D anyway. anyway this is my first real project fter i went to watch T3 last night iam modeling a cyborg with half felsh half metal here it is just started it face still needs depth it is flat a t moment i was working on the eye ust now please give me c+C still have lenty more to do on it o sty tuned for updates

A link to the image?


it’s on a weird forum… why people crosslink like that.
anyways, it’s … in this thread I guess:

Keep going with it, and I’m sure it’ll come together soon, as at tyhe mo there isn’t much to C&C. I can c u r in a hurry 2 finish it looking at u’re writing.

I like the idea of the cyborg thing but you are off to a horrible start if your going for realisim or resemblance. My suggestion: get profile pics of Arnold with green plastic on side of his head and model that! The model the mechanics around the green part. Then delete the green part you just moddeled to get the hollow head of gears effect. To make laser eyes I use a light with a spot size of .3 and a small lens flare with a modelled eye retina. If you want a demo of what I mean drop me some mail at [email protected]


Ps. Keep sending in tutorials for posting. I’m trying to get hotmail to give me a 200 meg bulk mail folder. They don’t like the idea though. Send images zipped.