Two days ago i’ve started modeling a cyborg. I don’t know yet how it will look, so it is important for me to hear or see any c&c.

Looks good so far, level of detail is impressive, you hoping to keep that up? :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck to you!

Not sure how the mechanics of the ball joint would work, were you going for physical accuracy?

This model would be great rigged, and in an animation.

Do something like Terminator. 8) :<

I can try :slight_smile:

can’t see anything

You have no wrist joint. If you want it to move properly, you will need to add one.

The fingers look great.


neos: i’d got a liitle problem with server, try to look now. :slight_smile:

is looking good, ill keep onto this one :wink: keep us updated mate :smiley: :o

i hope that you have a mighty fast computer over there.
an entire bodyw ith that level of detail will 1.) never be seen in most renders and 2.) use up a massive amount of RAM.

but the LOD is nice to look at.