OK, the title to this one is
The only good Cyborg…

I think this is about done. Any thoughts?



Nice piece, I took some moments to understand it, I like the way you used the light, great modeling on the tank!

Thanks, glad you liked it.
I know the title is a bit obscure, its a take on the joke ‘there are two types of people in the world: those who can extrapolate from minimal information, and um…’

I really like the idea and your composition is done well. You nailed the expression of the cyborg and materials on that as well.

I think the biggest thing letting this down is the right side of the image, where upon closer examination looks like… some sparks, a piece of wood and a puddle of water? Im not sure really though. Maybe you could post a screenshot of the scene from the viewport to clarify.

I also like the tank modeling. Overall its an interesting piece and its in the finished projects section, so I wont critique further :wink:


Thanks for the crit. Actually, I admit it could look a bit like a puddle. Actually its a pile of partially burning embers. the ‘ripple’ is the heat ripple that has been applied over the top. Maybe I need to add some actual burning pieces of wood to make it more obvious.
Maybe the heat ripple is not coming over correctly?


Ohhh, I see now. Yes, I think a few more charred pieces(maybe sticking out of the coals) would make it more apparent that its a pile of coals/embers. Also, did you create the ripples using nodes with a clouds texture or something different like an image mapped plane with transparency? If I understood how it was set up I could give more helpful advice to make it look more realistic ;).

Attached is a couple of screenshots.

The heat ripple is a simple plane with refraction with a displacement based on a drawn image texture. I probably have the ripple a bit wrong, but that doesn’t explain the embers. I might change the texture a little there too.




absolutely the last iteration of this image!