Cyborn - torso+head -revised - any comment welcome *please*

I wanted to try out SSS again and also try displacement maps properly - and I had the concept in my head for this chinless wonder.

EDIT: lack of response -> need to look at it again -> spec killing the effect -> re-render

Little more on the concept: this is a genetically engineered cyborg - thus the lack of obvious generic cyborg stuff.

Or there is the more stark overlayed version:

Or the further blindly tweaked version:


C & C welcome,

I like him. Is it possible you could put gears sticking out of his body and mechanical looking stuff? dunno, Cyborn makes me think of a Cyborg. Is that a gear in his temple?

O.k. 2 days later, on the second page with 1 reply.

I would like some response as to what is not right with the piece so I can adjust for next time - clearly from the lack of response this one is unappealing and to improve I need to know why.

Reason list:

  1. Concept confusingly / poorly described by the image.


Nicely modelled and rendered too :slight_smile:

I think the torso, especially the chest and colarbone are very distracting. I also don’t think the veins on the chest and forehead are helping…maybe there are too many of them or they are too visible. I don’t know, I think a cloak or robe would look cool on him…what are you going for? Is he a powerful figure in which case you could render the image from down looking up. I find that when I crop the image to right where the neck meets the chest I like the image much better. Oh, and where is he looking. If he was looking directly at the camera it would draw people in more I think. His eye area is his strong point imo. I see a little discomfort in his eyes but nothing else…he isn’t angry, sad, happy, ect. Perhaps define the brow ridge a little more. It is a great concept and a good render. It, as I am sure you know, is just missing that…something( I get it all the time ).

it’s some really good work but is for some reason uncompelling. Technically it looks very good but it’s slightly bland. Although I do like it, it reminds me of X-Com UFO Defense if you’ve ever played it.