cycle and normal map ?

i don’t think we have normal map yet in cyle just bump map!

so if i want to make a nice carpet i could use a carpet texture and apply some displacement to it
but don’t know if it wold give a good render with some velvet material !

still trying to locate a nice carpet texture

are we going one day to have some normal map for cycles ?

happy cycles

There was a long discussion about normal maps in the Cycles thread just a few pages ago. Long story short: Nobody knows. Brecht said they’re possible, but he never actually said he would implement them and they’re not even on the To Do list. So don’t hold your breath.

there are so many texture done with normal map on market i mean it should be integrated
and would be more compatible with BL !

i think it would make sense to have this option
so let’s hope Bretch include these soon!

so i’ll try to make my carpet with a bump map don’t know if this will be as nice
but will see !


You’re preaching to the choir here.