Cycle bake much darker than renders


So i’ve been messing with cycle for a while and tried baking before, I had results always much darker than when looking at rendered viewport.

I started working on a house and I intend to use cycle to render and bake the results (first time I will NEED it) So I did some tests on what I got so far and I get my same old problem. It’s probably a very noob mistake, but I dont know what I’m doing wrong. Does anybody know?

I’m just setting up everything and bake Combined
this example got nothing but diffuse and a texture for the floor but, I had the same results with more complex renders. on the left is the rendered viewport (results that I would like on the baking) and on the left is the texture baked… much darker and colder. It’s using HDR for lighting

if you are viewing it as “textured” in the view port, then it wont show it as rendered. no lights will affect the mesh.
press shift Z in the view port and see what you get, you should get the same as when you click render.

if not, post a blend file and we will have a look at it.

The left image is rendered (shift z)
The right one is view as textured (texture result from cycle bake) maybe i’m wrong but, shouldnt the results be the same?

the whole thing is baking much darker (obviously the lights bake, the shadows are there and everything else in the result, everything is just much darker for some reasons)

but maybe my premise is wrong, should the baked texture from cycle results in the same thing I see when looking at the viewport rendered? and if not then my question would be; how to achieve it looking exactly the same?

Here is a link to a .blend

it’s not the same as in the original post because that one was using HDR etc which I can’t pack in, but like I said … I always had that issue so, I just did a quick thing with Suzanne and put a sun lamp there instead, same problem.

as you can see if you put the left 3D viewport to Rendered, the result from the render is much brighter than the baked texture. How would I get the exact same thing that I see on rendered viewport?

So you light the Scene using World and Sun, bake this, apply to diffuse which you then light with World and Sun, render and compare to the original… What if you turn off Sun and World, use Emission (shadeless) and compare this to original scene?