cycle compatibility to other softwares

I need to know about compatibility of cycle renderer to other softwares.
If i use to my model the cycle renderer and export it to other softwares,
will it be the same or it will need adjustments? (what and how much adjustments will it need?)

Is the blender renderer more compatible than cycles renderer?
I saw i export a model that use blender renderer from blender to another forms and it only need some adjustments with normal maps and specular maps and then it’s fine.

So, with what of those 2 renderers i get the maximum compatibility when i export models to other forms?


If you’re talking about exporting MESHES then it doesn’t matter which render engine you have – the modeling is the same.

If you’re talking about exporting RENDERED IMAGES, then both Cycles and Blender Internal perform very well for compositing. But it also depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. Overall, I find it much easier to create the images I need in Cycles. And I composite almost everything, usually in After Effects.

Materials are generally incompatible between renderers - unless they share a common rendering system (e.g. OpenGL), or a specific importer has been written to interpret them.

You can’t use cycles materials in luxrender for example.

does the cycles renderer use the OpenGL?

and how famous is the OpenGL in compositing materials?
does other softwares use it too?
what other renderers use the OpenGL? (i just want to know how famous is that and where is famous)