Cycle fire bug? Fire overlays all smoke

Hi guys, i’m having a really bad time trying to follow one of Blender Guru’s tutorials. in his fire and smoke cycles tutorial ( i am following along and his smoke particles appear realistically in front of the fire when played in the viewport. Mine however always has the fire rendered completely in front of the smoke, no smoke can be seen in front of the flames, this is especially apparent when viewed from the top down.

Does anybody know what could be causing this? He is using blender 2.73 whereas I am using 2.79, could something have changed there?

Included images to help.

My fire (left) v his fire (right)

I don’t think the fire is completely shown in front of the smoke. The smoke is just thin enough so it can’t be seen. It is all a matter of parameters, in particular the smoke can be made more noticeable by changing the Thinkness in Smoke Display Settings of the Domain. But yes, it seems to be difficult to make the smoke appear as clearly as in the example. Dunno, maybe something was changed since 2.73.