Cycle object light or Lamp light

Hello every one,
I have a question for cycle lighting, normally will do the emission node for the lighting, so want to know normally you will use a “Plane” to become a light, or use “Limp” to become a light?

let say i want a spot light in my scene, what can i do?



Hi, if you use a daily build from spotlight is included for cycles.
You could use a mesh emitter and cover the back. Search forum for spot_ies.

Cheers, mib.

will it released in 2.64 by the way?:evilgrin:

mib2berlin - A forum search for “spot_ies” only turns up this post

I don’t think Cycles handles IES files yet. Your best bet is a light with a reflective, enclosed surface behind it, just like a spot light in the real world.

Hi @cyruslam. I had the same problem as you. I solved it using meshlights. I placed two planes at the same position, one small with ray visibility for glossy, diffuse and transmission, and one bigger, with only diffuse ray visibility. Both planes have the same material. The smaller plane creates specular reflections. The bigger doesn’t.

You can see an example at this scene (look for key_light).