Cycle portion of animation?

I need to cycle portions of an armature animation.

Say I want to cycle the keyframes of bone01, bone05 & bone12 between frame 32 and 43 for 100 frames. There are keyframes before fr.32 and will be keys after. I also want to cycle other bones in other ranges.

How do I do this in Blender?

With the F-Curve Cycle modifier I can restrict on which frames I want to see the cycle but not set which frames should be cycled, it’s always all existing keyframes.

Trying to use the NLA always end up in a mess, I no longer can animate my characters properly, keyframes is lost somewhere, I can’t see the cycled animation while animating the non cyclic, I can’t separate the bones I’d like cycled from the ones not cycled, etc. It’s like trying to read a map from half a jigzaw puzzle.

Well, this is normally what you’d use the NLA editor for, so I’d recommend learning how to use that. It’s very powerful once you do. Otherwise you’re stuck trying to use a single action, which limits you being able to do things like this what you want to do.