Cycle Rays Injection Pass in EEVEE


First: Is there a way to tell Cycles to render only a reflection/refraction pass ? With no diffuse, etc. ?

Second: Would this be doable in such a way that there would be a panel in the EEVEE settings and it would say: Cycles Reflections/Refraction ON, Render Precision: 0,25,… etc…

This would only mean one thing: Render the reflection/refraction passes at a lower or same res, and send it to the buffer of EEVEE.

To the best of my knowledge, there is no way to have cycles render a single pass. Based on what I’ve read on this forum, cycles needs to do the full calculation in order to render any pass. In fact, just rendering one pass in cycles should add a few fractions of a second to the render time you would have if you weren’t separating the render into different passes.

Edit: To be clear here, you can just render a refraction pass in cycles. I’m trying to say that rendering that one pass takes a fraction of a second longer than just rendering the scene like normal.

Yes, i know, but that would be the thing, to tell the Cycles engine to shoot rays only at refraction/reflection shaders and shadow/GI-only, per pixel/or lower resolution, so that then it would be way faster with EEVEE.

This would be the poors man way of doing hybrid RTX-like sampling in blender, and even more flexible, cause of the nodes.

Of course this implies an EEVEE module that makes Cycles calls. But because they use the same shading system, it should be doable.