Cycle - Short film

Hi guys.
Here is my new short film. Enjoy :wink:

Cycle is a short film highlighting the notion of contemplation through an aesthetic journey. This walk takes place beyond four digital paintings of great impressionist masters on the themes of dawn, day, dusk and night. The idea is to transfigure his paintings, by putting in volume brushstrokes, and by the life generated by the wind.

more here:


Wow! Lovely in every way.

Thank you WeakFredo! ! :slight_smile:

if i have some time tomorrow i will share you a .blend to try if you want

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Awesome Work !! I want that .blend too :smiley:

Wow this looks amazing, Iā€™m very curious on how you made the strands line up to make the pictures

Here is one of my four scene blender for your tests. enjoy :slight_smile:

Cycle_GaelLabousse_ArmandGuillaumin.blend (3.6 MB)

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