Cycled Coin Physics


This is a short physics scene I put together, rendered in cycles. As written in the end of the video, and as I’ve said some time ago, I’m going to create a tutorial on how to make good looking coins from normal, everyday scans.

I know for one thing that the bounds of the floor were shifted noticeably higher than the actual mesh, so yes you can see the coins sort of “float” a little; in the future I might also try having a larger number of logic steps to prevent the sort of jittered motion of coins/objects going into each other for parts of frames.

Hi Patrick,
Pretty nice. Looks pretty good to me. As for the floating, did you try setting the collision margin lower?

That looks incredibly realistic! Nice job!

haha it truly was just me being silly, and too eager to start rendering (since with cycles it takes forever before it’s half decent); I just didn’t check the scene for things like that. As you say, it was probably just the collision margin.

Thanks guys!