cycles 2.66 test build crashes my gpu drivers

any one else having this problem or is my computer dying lol

What gpu brand are you using?

geforce gtx 560 ti

and a gtx 460 se v2

this is what it says


Did you download all the drivers?

Hi, the second error is described here:“lost-connection”

Cheers, mib.

And also in the wiki entry for cycles gpu rendering

The NVIDIA OpenGL driver lost connection with the display driver
… due to exceeding the Windows Time-Out limit and is unable to continue.
If a GPU is used for both display and rendering, Windows has a limit on the time the GPU can do render computations. If you have a particularly heavy scene, Cycles can take up too much GPU time. Reducing Tile Size in the Performance panel may alleviate the issue, but the only real solution is to use separate graphics cards for display and rendering.

I have also issues with current version of blender on windows 8 with newest and previous drivers.
I installed 306.97 version and it works.

i fixed it…
i was using bullet integration i rebaked the physics and things magically worked im 100% it was this
what type of noob doesn’t install his drivers :stuck_out_tongue: