Cycles 2.8 : Curious

Trying out the Cycles 2.8.
Using CPU only. GPU not workable.
12 minute render.
Scene from “The_White_Room-Jay-Hardy”.
Floor is crying for a change.
Camera needs adjustment.

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Made some fixes. There is some dark shadowing around the window trimming but
nothing is perfect.

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Here is a closeup on that dark area.

Could that be AO being a bit too strong? It seems the same black areas are behind the radiator… Also the sofa is a bit dark on the bottom… It looks like something that would happen if the AO is too strong.

I’ve been trying to get the shadow side nice and dark and that gives a nice contrast look.
There are many camera scenes with dark areas in the photos on the net.
Here is site with a few examples:

Another try with a floor.
Needs a sun.

Another try.
Using the sun from the HDRI and an area light placed near the windows outside.
I think im getting the hang of this.

I give up.

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I like the last two … their look good imo.

I really want to try an interior scene soon. I’ve got an idea of exactly what I want to make.

Why? This last one looks really good tho… :slight_smile:

Thanks Guys.
Im trying to perfect my skills.
Excellent interior photos on this site here:
They are the best.

nice interior scenes

It seems you got rid of the very dark areas while still keeping the nice contrast in the image. I’m not an expert, but i think this looks really good. :slight_smile:

They keep getting better and better!

Thanks Guys.
Still trying to make adjustments.
I dont do this every day and its a little tough.

Placed a chair into the scene.
There are settings to make the scene more realistic by making the walls and
objects more reflective but have not used it here. I don’t want to mess it up.
Need more experience, have to move slow.

The chair really looks out of place and random. The whole image looks a bit too clean now imo.

The render prior to this looked much much better.

Thanks, LR18 Daniel Elward.

Thanks for advice.
Im trying to figure out how to tune up settings and comparing photos.
Here is another interior design photos on the net: