Cycles 2.8 : Curious

(david57) #1

Trying out the Cycles 2.8.
Using CPU only. GPU not workable.
12 minute render.
Scene from “The_White_Room-Jay-Hardy”.
Floor is crying for a change.
Camera needs adjustment.

(david57) #2

Made some fixes. There is some dark shadowing around the window trimming but
nothing is perfect.

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(david57) #3

Here is a closeup on that dark area.

(cet77) #4

Could that be AO being a bit too strong? It seems the same black areas are behind the radiator… Also the sofa is a bit dark on the bottom… It looks like something that would happen if the AO is too strong.

(david57) #5

I’ve been trying to get the shadow side nice and dark and that gives a nice contrast look.
There are many camera scenes with dark areas in the photos on the net.
Here is site with a few examples:

(david57) #6

Another try with a floor.
Needs a sun.

(david57) #7

Another try.
Using the sun from the HDRI and an area light placed near the windows outside.
I think im getting the hang of this.

(david57) #8

I give up.

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(Daniel Elward) #9

I like the last two … their look good imo.

I really want to try an interior scene soon. I’ve got an idea of exactly what I want to make.

(cet77) #10

Why? This last one looks really good tho… :slight_smile: