Cycles 4 eyepet.

Just when cycles was first released I had the pleasure of doing concept art for Eyepet Adventures on PSP. Even though this work is now over 6 months old I can only just show it as the product comes out in a couple of weeks. Sadly it’s had zero marketing with the vita coming…

I did a ton of layouts and world development sketches using my paint, a bunch of consultancy on level design and finally a bunch of Visual Targets modelled in blender and rendered with cycles… there were some animations too, but only rendered at psp resolution and just as a guideline for paralax and particles.

I must stress that this work was all done over 6 months ago with the first release of cycles, also each was created on a super tight deadline, from my earlier layout sketches to finished piece in a couple of days maximum.

Working on the project was a fun challenge and very stimulating.

enough talk, here’s the goods:

Wow, that looks great! It is especially commendable because you used the unstable cycles. You have my respect, sir. On a side note, how did you upload all those pictures? I thought there was a limit of three.

WOW! the second and seventh are AMESOME!!! :eek:

Lovely! :slight_smile:

Awesome renders. Big fan of #2 & #3

I have always believed that complex creative hand made geomerty >> textures & render engine. Thanks to prove it!
#6, #8 awesome! I feel for a moment that I going to click than rotate camera to look around inside scene.
I feel guilty for slow volume/SSS shader development, #2 glowing algae scream for tiny emission volume shell.

same here!

beautiful colors

Wow! Man, those are some seriously beautiful images. I’m really jealous. I want your skills!!! LOL


Thanks for the kind comments folks!
Making games is a serious business and I’m always amazed that anything gets brought to market. I must stress that I haven’t ever played this game or seen it in play and I eagerly await its release to see what I was a part of!

johnathonL I directly linked to images hosted on my own webspace, that way I can post as many images as I like.

StormST whilst there’s a lot of handmade here there’s also a lot of blender procedural displacement and complex materials with slope factors and facing factors… the “handmade” quality is largely from my personal sketching style and trying to match that with big forms… on these timescales I wouldn’t have got so far without that!

weirdly my favourite is the first image…

don’t forget that pretty much all of these are sourced at 1920 wide so right click and check out “view image” to see them in more detail!

looks good. bravo! :slight_smile:
i like the one with the monkey, it has light rays coming down… (looks cool)

Nice! Quite respectable for the time frame each was made in. The first is also my favorite one.

Great michael, I ll do my part I have an psp and as I m seeing this piece of art I ll tell everyone that I know about the game, its not that mutch but probably this ll be a game that I want to play! at least I ll buy it!

Top Notch work!
I love every of them.

I’m amazed with the level and quality of detail. Epic work. 5 stars and gallery

I also nominate for the gallery, this was beautifully done. although there are also points where it can be improved.
(professionalism…you have to hate it…)

Any of these would look good in the Gallery or indeed on the splash screen of the next version of Blender. I’m impressed by Michael’s skill and experience in being able to accomplish this in the timeframe allowed.

How long did the renders take?

Very very inspiring, an art in itself! Worth sharing. :wink:


great work!