cycles a scify hyperdrive system in 3D

several system required to design this new hyperdrive like:

1 - hyperdrive material for structural strenght (Titanium Naquada and Neutronium)
2 - Inertial dampers to protect ship during high accelation and deceleration
3 - quasi quantum field generator to help stabilize the vessel/ship in hyperspace
4 - Shields for general protection against any attack.
5 - hyperdrive auto regulator to stabilise forces on the structure in hyperspace
6 - hyperdrive overheating with alluvial dampers to regulate the flow of ion particles
7 - stasis fields to keep organic “in time sync”

i will come back with some general 3D models later on


here is first nacelle model for the hyperdrive
only general layout which might change later on!


looks like alot of modelling needs to be done, how do you know what they each look like htough? or are you going to design freehand?

that’s the idea i have seen anything like that
so imaginaton is important here

have to invent some gadgets and make a model in 3D

it may take some times before i an figure out how what and where !LOL

if you have any scify ideas let me know


sounds good :slight_smile: if you have any sketches of what you would like then send them to me and i’ll model them as best as i can :slight_smile:

well that’s the thing
i’v given what you find in general in first post for an hyperdrive
but then how do you make it in 3D

need a lot of imagination to represent this in 3D!LOL
so it’s gone take some time just to invent how it should look

but it is scify so imagination is your best tool here !

will see what i can come up here

some equipements will be inside the ship but others like the nacelle are outside i guess!


fair enough, i suppose just have a look at some start trek, star gate, babylon 5 all them things can give you some good ideas :slight_smile:

here is example of extrude circle wiht max quads for using with subsurf

cubefacecircle1.blend (319 KB)


I’m a stargate fan and probably have spent way to much time watching it.

The human ships used naquadria where as the goa’uld ships used Naquada. Asgard used Neutronium.

There is a brief moment in the episode called “Prometheus” where you can see the engine. It’s not very detailed. You can see them ejecting the core being ejected here:

Tritanium is a common thing anyone could buy in real life. I think you mean trinium. You can find pictures of the material here:

There are some good shots of Asgard generators on flybys in the episode called Nemesis.

  1. neutronium is arguably the worst possible material to construct a vehicle from. It weighs more than literally anything you could find. Plus, there are no electrons, so it would not collide with ordinary matter in the way we are used to, it would basically evaporate and diffuse through other materials quite easily.

I know this has no relevance to your actual modeling, but neutronium is simply a curiosity, not a material to be used.

is there a good description for these material
i could not really find anything on these

i still like to watch stargate and Atlantis
probably the best scify series done up to today!

thanks for feedback guys i look at the pics
later this week