Cycles Always Renders Black?

Hi All,

I have seen some of the Cycles render posts and thought I would give the build a try.

Unfortunately, Cycles does not seem to work. At least on this system.
Mac OSX 10.5.8
16 cores
NVIDIA GeForce GT 120

Graphics card starting from Geforce 8xxx and 9xxx support CUDA, however it is recommed to use a GTX 2xx, GTX 4xx, GTX 5xx card

What is the trick to getting this to work?:spin:

I have the default monkey scene and the cornell box. Both do the same thing. They render black when I press F12. Yes, cycles is the selected renderer. It seemed fairly automatic and interactive in Brechts video.

I am using tkroo build. What is homebrew?

My guess is you’re using lamps. Cycles requires a mesh to illuminate the scene. Make a plane, move it up above everything, and then go into your materials (which looks different when cycles is on) and find the one that emits – I can’t remember its name offhand but it should be obvious once you see it.

Or activate the nodes option in the world settings and give the background a color for overall lighting.


It works fine on Windows. Something wrong with Mac builds I guess…

I have exactly the same problem on Ubuntu 11.04. It was absolutely fine on 10.10 and Mint, but for some reason only renders black when using the GPU, unless the material is set to emission, but then still fails to illuminate the scene. My card is an 8800GT.

I resolved it by downloading a different build (to be precise, this one).