Cycles and Cuda once more

My PC (running Win 7) is equipped with a NVidia GeForce 405 graphics card having these specs:

Cardtype 64bit PCI express x16
Driverversion 310.7
DirectX support 10.1
16 CUDA kernels
NVidia CUDA driver 5.0.1
NVCUDA.dll version 8.17.13

Never the less I can not (or rather: Blender/Cycles cannot) render GPU. I have CUDA / GPU rendering turned on in the preferences and turned on in render options, and I’m using the latest daily Blender build with experimental features turned on, but every time I get this error:

ERROR | CUDA device capability 1.3 or up. Found 1.2.

Anyone know what this mean, and have any advice on how to fix?
If my graphics card is incompatible with Cycles, what is the cheapest card that will work?

The support for those old(er) cards was stopped because they were not significantly faster than cpu rendering, and could not support all the features cycles has now. If you want to have a decently fast graphics card to render with, you probably should get something like a gtx560, you can look at the cycles benchmark thread to compare cost/speed of different cards.

EDIT: but we can’t realy recommend anything without further informations on your current system. Modern graphics cards are very power hungry, you may have to consider switching the power supply too. Also we have no clue what your budget is, “cheapest card” may not do you any good, if it’s not faster than cpu rendering you may as well not spend your money on it.

Thanks for your fast answer, gexwing. My computer is:

HP G5321sc 64 bit
Processor: Pentium Dual-core E6700 @ 3.20 GHz
Memory: 4 GB
Running: Windows 7 Home premium service pack 1 (64bit)

By cheapest graphic card I meant the cheapest card giving an advantage over CPU rendering. I wonder if you have some advice on basis of these informations? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

ERROR | CUDA device capability 1.3 or up. Found 1.2.

How you can not understand this?

So this is a prebuilt HP machine? usualy those have crappy power supplies, with proprietary case mounting systems which sometimes don’t even fit other standard power supplies, one of the reasons i’d never get one of those :S They want you to buy a new machine instead of upgrading it :wink: So, i’m not sure you can even find a card which will run stable (due to power requirements) without changing the power supply also. But I may be wrong, best way to determine what is possible is opening up your case and see what kind of powersupply and board is in that thing.


I can recommend an EVGA GTX460 …it renders relatively quickly, and is not too expensive.

It looks like your mainboard has a pci 16 slotfor a GTX460, but would need a450 watt power supply minimum.

Hope that helps. :smiley:

ps- very nice work onTrapez!