Cycles and HDR render test

My first attempt with and HDR image. I rendered this in cycles with 1000 passes.

I would like to make the flame more glass-like, but the color changes to a light blue when I try.

without seeing your nodes its difficult to tell you anything

I didn’t use any nodes, just the default glass material.

cycles ALWAYS uses nodes you didn’t modify the default ones :wink:

Im not sure what you mean by more glass like but my guess is you might try turning up the IOR or index of refraction. if that isnt what youre looking for, a more detailed description of what you would like to change will help

Wouldn’t changing the IOR just change the angle of the refracted light rays entering the object, giving it a more plastic or water-like appearance depending on which way you changed it(This is unfortunately reminding me of the horrors of physics class)?

This is an example of what I mean:

I changed the color on the color wheel closer to the center in an attempt to make the design more translucent, but I also succeeded in making it purple.

yep i thought that might be what you were wanting but obviously not if you know what it does ^^

have you tried changing the color to the opposite side of blue that it moves? see if it moves the color to blue? My guess is that the light from the HDR is transmitting it’s color into the glass and there for changing the color you see

color has big impact on glass shader. if you want pure transparent glass set it to white. any shade of gray will make it darker, any other color will… well, you already tried it :slight_smile: