Cycles - animated electric wire - how??

How can I animate/show the “flow” of electriciy in a wire,
I’m thinking about a cylindric wire, where the outside texture/material is animated,
like you see some rings moving into one direction…

But I can’t get it to work, don’t know where to start…
how would you/can I do it …

<sarcastic_tone>First, you model your wire. You apply a material/texture. Then you animate the texture offset.</sarcastic_tone>

Because I’m not only sarcastic…:wink:

Forum Electricity.blend (490 KB)

The wire is a bit on the heavy side geometry-wise. I didn’t pay attention when I converted the curve to mesh. I was p*ssed that the texture offset animation didn’t work directly on the curve… for some unknown reason (yet).

Any way, it works. The animation is visible in the viewport… but in rendered mode only.

Note: Don’t bother rendering more that 50 frames, the animation loops every 50 frames.

U are so cute ( and awesome ) :smiley:

No petting allowed! :wink: